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Boston Movie Mile Walking Tour

See your favorite Boston movies and TV shows come to life. Visit the actual filming locations on this 90 min walking tour. Walk in the same steps as your favorite actors and actresses on this exciting tour! The most filmed part of Boston, The Boston Movie Mile, includes over 30 filming locations.
$36.00 $32.40

Tour de Boston-Guided Bike Tour

The Tour de Boston-Guided Bike Tour is a leisurely bike ride that takes you to some of the most scenic spots in Boston and Cambridge, along the Charles River. This tour is ideal for families with young riders!
$57.75 $54.86

Tour de Boston-Sunset Bike Tour

There's something about riding at night. The sun begins to set, the air cools, the city slowly begins to calm as the day's work ends and folks head home. The Tour de Boston-Sunset Edition shows you the city as the sun goes down and the lights come up.
$57.75 $54.00