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Walking & Biking Tours

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Central Park Movie Sites Tour

Take Two! on a walking tour through Central Park that visits over 40 television and movie hotspots. If you would like to see Central Park on foot, join this movie locations tour and put yourself into scenes from your favorite movies and shows.
$36.00 $32.40

Flushing-Asian Food/Dutch & English History

FLUSHING - ASIAN FOOD/ DUTCH & ENGLISH HISTORY- Visit New York's largest Chinatown/Koreatown and see sights from one of New York's oldest towns. Experience great Asian cuisine and soak up the history before New York was New York!
$34.00 $32.25

International Express Food Tour

This Subway/Walking Tour follows New York's famous International Express train in Queens. You'll see New York's great ethnic neighborhoods and stop to enjoy multiple international foods.
$34.00 $32.25

Midtown Mix Food Tour

This Subway/Walking Tour takes you to New York's famous Hell's Kitchen, a neighborhood where many local eateries still thrive and survive. You'll see one of Manhattan's great old neighborhoods and stop to enjoy many American & International food choices.
$34.00 $32.25