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Little Italy and Jonestown Food Tour

Take a stroll on this cultural Food Tour of Little Italy and Jonestown. Traverse through the area where our first immigrants came to settle into Baltimore, now the neighborhoods of Little Italy and Jonestown. Take a walk with us through the neighborhood Rich with history and authentic Italian cuisine and hear the stories that make this neighborhood so rich with culture. We will enjoy different Italian specialties that have been passed down from generation to generation, and see important gathering spots as well as centers for sports and religion. We will also visit Jonestown, once a predominately Jewish enclave, and still home to Baltimore's corn beef row, the Jewish Museum of Maryland, and numerous historic sights. Your Fells Point Food Tour may include the following specialties: �Italian wines �Authentic paninis �Knishes from the area's oldest and best Jewish Deli �homeade Spinach and ricotta ravioli �A tour of the area's only pasta factory �Chicken Empanadas with a Yerba Mate taste/demonstration �Traditional house made meatballs �Tiramisu from the baker claiming to have invented the dessert Enough food is served that for most participants, dinner afterward will not be needed. Seating and special service is provided at all restaurants throughout the tour
$55.00 $53.00