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Best of Capitol Hill Bike Tour

Explore Washington DC with a biking adventure through the city. This exciting guided tour will take you to many of the historic landmarks and attractions in the area. Bike along the National Mall and on the banks of the Potomac River!
$44.00 $39.60

Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour

Begin your one-mile Lincoln Assassination walking tour at Andrew Jackson's statue, stroll past the U.S. Treasury Building, down Pennsylvania Avenue, and end your Washington DC tour at Ford's Theatre, where Lincoln met his assassin.
$29.00 $27.00

Monuments at Night Bike Tour

Experience the beauty of Washington DC at night on a bike tour. This evening bike tour takes you to the National Mall and Potomac Tidal Basin when the monuments are less crowded, the air is cooler and the views are magnificent.
$54.00 $48.60

Mount Vernon by Bike and Boat

On the Mount Vernon by Bike and Boat tour, enjoy a scenic bike ride from Alexandria to George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate. Tour the 21 room mansion and grounds In the afternoon, then board the Miss Christin for a narrated boat cruise back to Alexandria...
$83.74 $79.55

Mount Vernon By Bike-Roundtrip

Bike to Mount Vernon with this self-guided two-way ride on the Mount Vernon Trail. This scenic trail takes riders through Dykes Marsh and Belle View Park along the Potomac River. Free admission to explore the first Presidents home and gardens, then ride back to Alexandria at your own pace.
$50.88 $48.34

Old Town Alexandria Walking Tour

Then join DC by Foot for your very own Lost Symbol inspired* tour and uncover the secrets and symbols embedded in the city's street layout and historic architecture. Find out whether our forefathers really planned a city based on a zodiacal map, ancient Egyptian symbols and mystical numeric codes
$29.00 $27.00

Washington DC Monuments & Memorials Bike Tour

It's the best way to tour Washington DC! The Monuments Bike Tour is a leisurely and fun way to explore Washington's monuments and memorials. Get up close and personal with this easy 3-hour guided bike tour.
$54.00 $48.60